Images of Human Tragedy in Black & White: Etchings by Francisco de Goya and Photographs by Jeffrey Gusky

September 14, 2003–January 4, 2004

Some 70 works by two artists will be featured in this provocative exhibition about the suffering and violence of war. Black and white photographs by Jeffrey Gusky document haunting modern-day images of the aftermath of the Holocaust in Europe, while the Disasters of War by Francisco de Goya illustrate the horrors of the Napoleonic occupation of Spain.

Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) concluded The Disasters of War, one of his major print series, around 1820. The prints depict scenes of the suffering and violence that Goya witnessed during the War for Independence in Spain from 1808–1814. Goya’s sensitive and personal perspective along with his masterful use of etching and aquatint caused an artistic revolution in the visual arts that still endures today.

Following the path forged by Goya, legions of artists have depicted war’s impact on humanity in the rawest of its forms, most notably through the lens of a camera. An emergency physician by vocation, Dr. Jeffrey Gusky took a trip to Poland in 1995 that resulted in a desire to document and share his experiences. He found numerous reminders of the Holocaust; the resonance of the spaces, the weight of history and religion, the experience of hearing the testimonies of the witnesses who knew what happened there during the 1940s, all moved Gusky to attempt to capture his emotions with his camera.

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Carrie Sanger
Marketing & PR Manager