An Inclusive Art Museum

The Meadows Museum is committed to making its collection accessible to audiences with disabilities including individuals who are blind. Through a combination of text and description that are accessible through JAWS screen reader as well as audio content, website visitors are able to explore select works in the collection. As part of our ongoing mission to be inclusive we will expand this content to eventually include the majority of works in the collection. Please visit the website often for updates.

Please visit the Education page to learn more about our programming. This symbol blind accessible indicates that the programming is inclusive of visitors who are blind or low vision. For a described video about the Meadows Museum mission to be inclusive click here.

For more information about visiting the Meadows Museum with individuals with disabilities, contact our education coordinator, Kayle Patton, at

To see a list of works that have a visual description and/or audio component, please click on the image below.

The Meadows Museum: An Accessible Collection