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Farm-House, Alcira

Oil on canvas
25 x 37 1/2 in. (63.5 x 95.3 cm)
Century: 20th Century
Credit Line: Meadows Museum, SMU, Dallas. Museum purchase and partial gift from Dr. Alan B. Coleman and Janet M. Coleman, MM.2012.03
Accession Number: MM.2012.03

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Visual Description

This is a horizontal composition, approximately 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall. Divided in half vertically, the colors and textures of this painting set the stage for a hot summer’s day in the south of Spain.

On the right side, angling from center to mid-right are three stark white wooden columns sitting atop a wall of orange stucco that emerges along a hillside. The columns suspend an open lattice-type roof that runs horizontally across the top of the painting and shades an orange-brown dirt pathway. To the left of this column and roof structure, in the center of the composition, a single bare tree trunk rises from the cliff-side to tie into the roof.

Down below to the left, an orchard fills the space. This half of the composition is dominated by the tops of intricately detailed fruit trees of varying shades of dark green, dotted with hundreds of oranges. A rooftop, white blossomed tree, and soft blue sky appear along the tree line.

The warmth of the orange and white tones contrast with the coolness of the green and light blue colors of the painting. The effect is an invitation to come and enjoy the beauty and warmth of the day.

Sorolla’s brushstrokes are loose and spontaneous in some places and tightly organized in others, giving a feeling of both spontaneity and careful attention.

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